Robosapiens iBOT Mini V 3.0

Robosapiens iBOT Mini V 3.0

Robosapiens IBOT Mini V 3.0 is a multipurpose robotics kit. It's multipurpose and very durable nature helps in acquiring expertise on basics of robotics.Development Board is made from single sided PTH PCB board to provide extra strength to the connector joints for increased reliability. Board can work on 7V to 15V DC supply. The control circuit or the development board is a versatile robotic development board that is being used to control this robot. By executing 16 MIPS this board can achieve throughput value of 16 MHz. The robot has been made visually interactive as there is 4 Bit LEDs to monitor the outputs of the I / O ports. The control circuit is fabricated in a way so that a user can interface any kind of peripheral desirable as the control circuit supports Digital, Analog, SPI based Devices or I2C / TWI based devices.

The robot is basically using one motor driver circuit for its locomotion. The motor driver circuit used, intakes digital inputs to make motors running. Since, the input type for the motor driver circuit is digital one hence, locomotion can easily be done by simply providing digital input to the driver circuit. It has built-in reverse polarity protection. Open pads for connecting microcontroller's pins to external devices are also provided. The robot can be used to develop more than 30 projects using different advanced peripherals. The robot comes with two IR based Digital proximity Sensor that is used as a obstacle sensor. The sensor that is being used is highly flexible and versatile. The sensors can be used as an edge sensor , line sensor , color sensor (black / white) , light sensor etc. The robot is not limited to only digital sensors but also compatible with other analog sensors and different converters. The robot is best suited for hobbists and Engineering / Diploma Projects.

Kit Content:

  • 1x (ATmega8 mini V4 Development Board)
  • 1x (ATmega8 with inbuilt Robosapiens Bootloader)
  • 1x (USB Connector cable)
  • 1x (High Quality Plastic Chassis Board)
  • 1x (DTMF Decoder Module for Mobile Controlled Robot)
  • 1x (Screw driver)
  • 1x (Ball Caster wheel)
  • 2x (IR Based Digital Sensors)
  • 4x (Support Studs)
  • 1 Pair wheel 76mm Diameter
  • 1 Pair D.C Plastic gear motors
  • Other required Tools and accessories etc.
General Characteristics
Product ID RM0002
Dimension 157 x 98 x 69 mm
Weight 275 Gms
Control Circuit
Type Robotic Development Board
Robosapiens Product ID RM0006
Dimension 89 x 89 mm
Controller ATmega 8 / 8L
Clock Frequency Upto12MHz
Data Communication Parallel
Motor Driver On Board L293D Dual H Bridge Motor Driver Circuit
Sensor Interface Analog / Digital Sensors
Display N / A
Parallel Interface 23 Programmable Parallel I / O Pins
Serial Interface N / A
Programming Mode USB using BootLoader
Programming Interface USB Female Connector B type
Supported Programmers USB Cable using Robosapiens BootLoader
Softwares Required Win AVR , AVR Studio , Robosapiens HID BOOTFlash
Input Devices Analog / Digital Sensor
Cell Phone Controlled On Board DTMF Decoder IC Add on Shield
Sensors & Converters
Robosapiens Product ID RM0017
Type Sensors : Analog / Digital
Interface for Connection Yes
Communication Mode Sensors : Analog / Digital
Power Supply
Type DC
Operating Voltage 7V - 24V
Operating Current Upto 800mA
Socket DC Jack and PBT Connector
Type DC Plastic Gear Motors
STD Direction 76 mm
Speed 300 RPM at 12 V
Robosapiens Product ID RM0099
Material High Quality Plastic
Dimension 135 x 100 mm
Compatible Motors DC Plastic Gear Motor
Robosapiens Product ID RM0093
Type High Quality Plastic with Rubber Covering
Compatible Motors DC Plastic Gear Motors
Support Wheel Robosapiens Caster Wheel with ball bearing (RM0095)
ADD ONS (Other Peripheral Modules can be interfaced as per need)
IR Based Digital 5 Sensor Array YES
Sound Sensor YES (Using 3 Pin Jumper Wire)
Light Searching Sensor YES (Using 3 Pin Jumper Wire)
8 Bit Digital Keypad YES
LM 35 Temperature Sensor YES ( Using three single Pin Jumper Wire)
Ultrasonic Sensor YES
Gas Sensor Module YES
ADXL 355 Accelerometer YES
7 Segment LED display YES
16 x 2 LCD Display N / A
USB to TTL Converter N / A
GPS Adapter N / A
Xbee Series 1 / Series 2 / Pro N / A
GSM SIM 300 / 900 Modem N / A

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